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Your Path to Data-driven HR decision-making process

Performatics® is a cutting-edge, cloud-based performance appraisal tool designed to streamline and enhance the HR decision-making process. 

Establish KPIs, monitor progress, and evaluate results.

Performatics is a performance management platform designed to help you set your KPIs, track progress, and measure results. With Performatics, you can:

  • Align KPIs with company strategy.
  • Monitor progress towards achieving these goals.
  • Identify areas for improvement and opportunities where employees may need additional support.

Streamline your performance appraisal process for quick, simple, and effective results

The Performatics employee reviews module is crafted to maximize the benefits for both managers and employees. Managers can use Performatics reviews to assess team members' performance and provide actionable, real-time feedback.

Enhance performance with comprehensive 360-degree feedback.

Performatics is a performance management platform that enables managers and employees to provide impactful, lasting feedback to colleagues. Boost overall performance by offering the insights needed to develop skills and progress within the organization. With Performatics' 360-degree feedback module, provide your team with a holistic view of their performance.

Ohenjo Nyang'ori

Chief Executive Officer, CEMIRIDE
"The new performance appraisal system has significantly improved our team's performance by allowing us to set clear KPIs, track progress, and measure results effectively. It has empowered CEMIRIDE to make informed decisions, leading to greater alignment and motivation across the organization."

John Font

"Performatics has revolutionized our performance management"

Lisa Collins

"John draw real poor on call my from. May she mrs furnished discourse extremely. Ask doubt noisy shade guest did built her him"

Matthew Ball

"On then sake home is am leaf. Of suspicion do departure at extremely he believing. Do know said mind do rent they oh hope of"

Simple, Flexible Pricing

From small teams looking for essential performance management tools to large enterprises requiring comprehensive, customizable solutions.

User-Friendly Interface
KPI Setting and Management
Real-Time Performance Tracking
Goal Setting and Progress Monitoring
Basic Analytics and Reporting
Email Support
normally KES 800
KES500 /user/month

All features in the Basic Package
360-Degree Feedback
Advanced Analytics and Reporting
Employee Development Plans
Recognition and Rewards System
Continuous Feedback Mechanism
normally KES 1500
KES1200 /user/month

We recognize that every organization has unique performance management needs. That's why our pricing is flexible and based on the specific application modules you select for your performance appraisal system.

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